ThetaJoin - The Drupal Performance Company with the funny name. Our passion is High Performance Drupal using the latest Free and Open Source software that Drupal depends on. ThetaJoin provides MySQL database, webserver, and Linux operating system performance consulting and customization for Drupal sites.

ThetaJoin also provides remote DBA and system administration support for Drupal. Key areas include:

  • MySQL Database optimization based upon your exact Drupal installation.
  • MySQL Schema and Query design, Performance Tuning
  • Drupal Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
  • MySQL Proxy and Replication for those high demand sites.
  • Memcache/APC/XCache
  • Remote DBA and System Administration of your Drupal Site
  • Legacy Data Conversion for Drupal
  • Technical Documentation

Your Drupal website represents your business. Contact ThetaJoin at for an initial consultation to see what we can do to make your Drupal site fly!